HY FLY: a young story with old experience

HY FLY: a short history with long experience
HY FLY was born in 2006 in Sarcedo, Vicenza, from the ashes of that which for 30 years was one of the laboratories for motorcycle leather clothing known and used among the big brands for their mass production.The idea was born from the need to provide a new global safety product for all motorcyclists who increasingly require a great relationship between cost, design and quality expecting value for money.Hy Fly has made of this goal its own mission. Once it has identified the best materials on the market and the best production machines to ensure greater safety and attention to details, it has succeeded with the help of true Italian design, creating a perfect blend of style and performance.The product range has gradually expanded, now covering all segments of the road motorcycling.
Hy Fly means “Best Buy”